November 2008

ThinkProgress interview

Thanks to Sharon for this find: while in DC today, Michael did an interview with Matt Duss from the Center for American Progress. Two short clips were loaded to YouTube by CAP's media arm, ThinkProgress, and the uncut footage was loaded to AOL video. Here are all three...


"Memo" and possible AC360

Michael's "memo" is up, and once again he is mentioned as a possible guest for AC360 tonight:

In other news, US ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker calls the Cabinet approval of a security pact that would allow US troops to remain in the Country until 2011 an “historic occasion,” as parliament prepares for a vote on the pact.
Iraq’s Cabinet on Sunday approved the security pact with the United States that will allow American forces to stay in Iraq for three years after their U.N. mandate expires at the end of the year. Will the Iraqi Parliament now approve this version of the agreement? Maybe we’ll rustle up Michael Ware tonight to help us put this in perspective.

Since he is in DC, I would think it's highly possible that he may be on SitRoom today, as well.

Monday on American Morning...

American Morning is doing a series they call “Memo to the President,” and today they teased the next installment:
Monday’s “Memo to the President” deals with Iraq. Michael Ware, our Baghdad correspondent, on a possible exit strategy, when it could start, and how many troops President Obama may need to keep in the country.

Michael on AC360 Tuesday

Michael is supposed to be on AC360 tomorrow... although you know how they love to tease and not deliver...:

Veterans Day 2008 arrives as a new president is about to take office. With the inauguration just 70 days away, we’ll look at the challenges President-elect Obama faces in Iraq and Afghanistan and the strategies he’s endorsed for both. His new administration has a lot on its plate, to put it mildly. 90 years after the armistice that ended World War I, Obama inherits two war zones. CNN’s Michael Ware breaks it all down for us.

UPDATE: Michael was on NewsRoom very briefly this morning (clips are up) but his appearance on 360 has been downgraded to standby status... from the senior producer:

On this day, the President-elect’s views on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could become topics du jour, our favorite Australian war zone correspondent Michael Ware is on standby for us tonight, should we need to discuss Obama’s stated strategies in fighting these wars.