January 2008

Arwa Damon re the upcoming treaty

Still no sign of Michael, but I'm sure he'll be back soon... meanwhile, Arwa Damon spoke with Don Lemon today about the upcoming treaty negotiations that may commit the US to keeping troops in Iraq for many years to come. This is clearly something that we will be hearing a lot about in the coming months, so I thought I would post this as a bit of an explanation of the issues involved. Read More...

New/old photo

Sharon found this photo on The New York Times' website. It was taken March 25, 2007 in Baghdad. (Hey, we'll take what we can get at this point!) It was Ambassador Khalilzad's last day in Baghdad. Read More...

New/old NPR radio interviews

I've added eight NPR radio interviews Michael did in 2003 (6), 2004 (1), and 2005 (1):

04/13/03 In Tikrit, U.S. Forces Face Iraqi Resistance
04/15/03 Northern Iraq (two parts)
08/08/03 Violence Continues to Hound Troops in Baghdad
08/19/03 Explosion in Baghdad
12/07/03 Iraqi Insurgents Tell Reporters of Strategies
09/22/04 Iraq Update: Hostage Crisis Confusion
01/30/05 Sunni, Kurdish Voters Report Few Election Problems

New section: Where to start?

The newest section of the site, "Where to start?" is now up. This is meant to be a bit of a roadmap for anyone coming to the site for the first time and looking to check out Michael's biggest stories, as well as a quick-reference for anyone trying to find one of those stories in a hurry.