March 2008

CNN article

There is an article up on that includes quotes from Michael's recent interviews about the current situation in Basra: Analysis: Al-Sadr in trouble, Iraq headed for meltdown

London Birthday

Michael has been on CNN/I from the London bureau three times today, and thanks to Délie, those clips are converting and uploading. (One is also available on He was also on The Situation Room and AC360... and on the latter, Anderson revealed that today is his birthday! He did not say his age, but he is 39 today. There is a post on the blog for birthday wishes; you never know who might stop by, right?

Busy week...

It certainly has been a busy couple of days, with the anniversary coverage, the "Shock and Awe" special, and the appearance on Bill Maher's show. Just wanted to mention that after I had uploaded the Maher clips, I discovered that Michael was also on "This Week in Politics" yesterday, and that is also uploaded; because it was on earlier than "Real Time" it won't trigger the RSS feed.

NHA promo

CNN is airing a promo about the National Headliner Award recipients, including Michael:

The full ad can be seen

Also, during 360 tonight, they were promo'ing the "Shock and Awe" special for Thursday night rather than tomorrow.

CNN plans to observe Iraq war anniversary

CNN Employs Global Resources for Fifth Anniversary Coverage of War in Iraq

AC360’s ‘Shock and Awe’ Special on March 19 Provides In-depth Retrospective, Present-Day Impact of War

CNN Worldwide marks the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq with a global cross-platform initiative focusing on the war’s impact upon politics, the military, the economy and humanitarian situation in both Iraq and the United States. For its coverage, CNN draws upon its unrivalled resources and experience garnered from more than 18 years of coverage in region as one of the only international broadcasters to have had a permanent bureau in Iraq since 1990.  

CNN’s coverage spans across its programming with special reports airing on Anderson Cooper 360º, the Situation Room and American Morning and on CNN International and   

“Shock and Awe: Five Years Later,” an Anderson Cooper 360º special, will be broadcast around the world to more than 310 million households on both CNN/U.S. and CNN International on Wednesday, March 19, at 11 p.m. (ET) This in-depth hour offers retrospective dispatches from those who have covered the war for the past five years, including such CNN journalists as chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour, senior political correspondent Candy Crowley, senior international correspondent Nic Robertson, national correspondent Gary Tuchman and Baghdad correspondent Michael Ware and contributors including Ret. Gen. David Grange.


Tommy Evans Beats360; Kyra's Bureau Tour

Thursday night, Michael's producer Tommy Evans won the in-house Beat360 competition; watch the clip here. (Personally, I'd say Oscar and his trashcan are sorely needed in both NYC and DC!)

And the latest "All Access" podcast features Kyra Phillips giving a tour of the Baghdad bureau; the clip is on iTunes, at, or

Another DC speaking engagement

Sharon found another speaking engagement listed for Michael in DC next month:

The Situation on the Ground in Iraq
Michael Ware, CNN correspondent in Baghdad
Apr 3 2008 - 9:00am - 10:30am
Middle East Institute is honored to host Michael Ware, to discuss the “Situtation on the Ground in Iraq.” Ware is a CNN correspondent based in the international news network’s Baghdad bureau. 

More info on their

More re Maher

At least one site is listing Michael as a panelist on Maher's show rather than a single interview like last time. Nothing confirmed on the official site yet, although my guess is that either way, he will be on via satellite rather than in the studio. I'm sure he'll have plenty to say on the start of Year Six in Iraq, but I wonder whether we'll also get to hear his thoughts regarding the presidential candidates?

National Headliner Award & Bill Maher’s show

Michael has been chosen in this year's National Headliner Awards, which will be handed out May 17th in Atlantic City:

List of winners in 74th annual National Headliner Awards
sponsored by The Press Club of Atlantic City
Published on Friday Mar 07, 2008

Continuing Coverage of a Major News Event
 First Place:       CNN
“Anderson Cooper 360: Michael Ware 2007 Coverage of Iraq”

Full list of winners

Also, Jodi let me know that Michael has been announced as a guest on Bill Maher’s show in two weeks, March 21st. Not sure whether he will be doing it live or as a remote… more to come!

Another speaking engagement, and AC's joke

I had several emails tonight about Anderson's joke during 360, "A streaking Australian, and no, it's not Michael Ware." Yeah, I think he more likely would have been the guy flattening the moron running across the field, but...

Anyway... here is some information on a DC event next month where Michael will be speaking:

The Center for American Progress will host a series of events and produce several analyses in the coming weeks examining the course of the war in Iraq and proposing the next steps for U.S. policy in Iraq. The series will include speeches by prominent policymakers and panel discussions on important aspects of Iraq policy and its effects on U.S. national security. The Center will also release updated analyses examining the current policy in Iraq and providing an alternative direction.

In addition, each day between the fifth anniversary of the start of the military campaign in Iraq on March 19 to President Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech on May 1, the Center’s website will highlight a key piece of analysis examining the mistakes made by the Bush administration and its allies in waging the war of choice in Iraq—and the consequences of those mistakes on our overall national security. These analyses will be catalogued on the War in Iraq page of our website, providing a detailed source of information on our nation’s costly march to war in the wrong place at the wrong time five years ago. 

Series: The Impact of Five Years in Iraq

April 2
Discussion: A View from the Ground in Iraq
Michael Ware (CNN)
Michael Ware, CNN’s correspondent in Baghdad, is one of only a handful of international correspondents who has lived in and reported from Iraq since before the start of the war. Previously Time magazine’s Baghdad Bureau Chief, Ware has provided perceptive reporting on the five years of the Iraq war, including groundbreaking reporting on the growth of Iraq’s insurgency.

More from International coverage yesterday

Three more International clips from yesterday's coverage if Ahmadinejad's visit are now available.

UPDATE: another three, plus Newsroom, now available.

Ahmadinejad in Iraq

Michael is reporting this morning on the Iranian president's visit to Iraq. There are clips from both International and Domestic up in the Iraq 2008 section.