AC: Death of a Dictator

As Anderson anchors special coverage of the execution of Saddam Hussein, Michael comments via telephone from Brisbane.

Length: 3:53 / 2:43 / 2:25 / 5:09

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AAM: "You need to be ready to defend yourself."

Michael is still in New York, and this morning talks to Miles O'Brien about how the militias continue to re-arm and what it is like to be a journalist in Iraq.

Length: 3:38

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AC: "...the way out is a long, long way off."

Well, this was a surprise... Michael is in NYC and has just arrived from Iraq! (I actually thought I saw him in a clip from a Baghdad press conference yesterday but thought, nah, he's outta there! So where has he been for the past two weeks??)
Anyway, tonight he was safe and sound in New York and talking to Anderson about some of the current get-out-of-Iraq scenarios.

Length: 3:22

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AC: Iraq -- The Endgame

Anderson is in Amman, Jordan... and so is Michael! An unexpected appearance on a new rooftop (possibly an indication that Mick will be out of Iraq for a few weeks) as he joins Anderson in an hour-long discussion of the various options being kicked around for a way out of the (say it with me) civil war in Iraq.

Length: 9:30

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LDT: Iranian weapons in Baghdad

Mick shows the tail fin of a mortar round, built this year in Iran and fired last week from a Shia neighborhood in Baghdad into a Sunni one.

Length: 4:40

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