August 2008

New clip ... and a site warning

Just added today's clip from New York. They really need to give him more airtime. Not that I'm biased or anything...

And tonight while I'm watching the convention, I plan to try the software upgrade again. Last time I did this, for some strange reason the links went dead on some pages. So if you get some weird results, I apologize -- if it happens again this time (and they have done two de-bugging upgrades since the original release) I will revert it immediately, but the process of re-uploading the entire site takes a couple hours. Yes, sounds like an exciting night here, don't'cha think?

UPDATE: It didn't go well. Just spent several hours rebuilding the original version. On the plus side, I got to see Michael's American Morning appearance live today!

Back in New York

Michael is back in New York, appearing on "American Morning" to discuss plans to withdraw from Iraq. Hopefully we'll get a lot more cut-through-the-crap talk from him throughout the conventions!

Friday's clips

There were six clips yesterday, three each from Domestic/International. I posted two of the Domestic ones last night, but a couple International ones aired before them, so scroll down to see them all. (And, again, big thanks to Délie for recording, converting, and transmitting the Int clips!)

Back in Gori yesterday

The clips from yesterday are now up. I am using a new device to convert the large clips and need to tweak the settings a bit, so I'm not happy with the quality of those clips and will re-do them once things settle down a bit and I have time to play around and figure out the best 'formula' for the conversions.

But first I have to start in on today's clips...!

More clips

Just added seven more clips. One of them, from CNN/I, is actually the first clip he did from Georgia, and shows the Russian army outside Gori. I had to back-fill it into the time line-up, so be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to check it out.

Michael in Georgia

Michael is back on the air... in Gori, Georgia this morning.

I have adding a new section for Georgia in the "More Countries" area.