May 2008


Today is the second anniversary of the announcement of Michael joining CNN...

Michael Ware Joins CNN as Baghdad-based Correspondent (CNN News Release)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Michael Ware, the TIME magazine Baghdad bureau chief who gained renown for in-depth coverage of the insurgency in Iraq, will join CNN as a correspondent based in Baghdad, it was announced today by Tony Maddox, senior vice president of international newsgathering operations.

The full press release...

Memorial Day

As we in the United States honor our fallen war heroes, I wanted to post this clip, which was part of the "Shock & Awe: 5 Years Later" special and is one of the most moving descriptions I have ever heard of what it means to be a soldier.

To all those who have worn this country's uniform, and to the families of all those who have died while doing so, I send heartfelt gratitude and an acknowledgement of an unpayable debt.

~~ Cynthia

Quran desecration

Over the past couple days, there have been a couple pieces posted about the Quran desecration story that was first mentioned on the site on Saturday. Délie has now sent me the International clip, and that aired out of order with what I have already posted in the Iraq 2008 section.

Inside the Siege of Sadr City

Michael has a clip up on about the siege inside Sadr City.

UPDATE: The clip as aired on Domestic is now up. Sorry for the delay, my internet went down just as I started the upload!

ITS transcript

I've finally completed and posted a transcript for the "Inside the Surge" special.

That's one thing off the "To Do" list. (Oh yes, I have a list. It is frighteningly long!)