Michael on AC360 Tuesday

Michael is supposed to be on AC360 tomorrow... although you know how they love to tease and not deliver...:

Veterans Day 2008 arrives as a new president is about to take office. With the inauguration just 70 days away, we’ll look at the challenges President-elect Obama faces in Iraq and Afghanistan and the strategies he’s endorsed for both. His new administration has a lot on its plate, to put it mildly. 90 years after the armistice that ended World War I, Obama inherits two war zones. CNN’s Michael Ware breaks it all down for us.

UPDATE: Michael was on NewsRoom very briefly this morning (clips are up) but his appearance on 360 has been downgraded to standby status... from the senior producer:

On this day, the President-elect’s views on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could become topics du jour, our favorite Australian war zone correspondent Michael Ware is on standby for us tonight, should we need to discuss Obama’s stated strategies in fighting these wars.