June 2009


Michael Holmes has been tweeting that he has done an interview with Michael for BackStory ... hopefully it will air today, although that has not been confirmed yet. Will update as I hear more.

(He also promised a glimpse of Tommy Evans.)

UPDATE: Due to some technical difficulties, they were only able to air part of the interview (although I understand we get to watch Michael put on his socks...?!?) and Délie is working to send me that clip now. He talked about the situation in Baghdad and what may happen after US troops are forced to pull back to their bases next week. They promised to play more of the interview on the weekend "Best of" show. Something about his nose being broken by the South African rugby team. (I wonder which time that was...or maybe they account for several of the breaks?) Anyway, more later...

UPDATE AGAIN: The clips are now up.

Back in Baghdad

Michael is back in Baghdad and according to blog posts will be covering next week's removal of US forces from Iraqi cities. He was on International twice today, although he has not yet appeared on Domestic.

He has also been in Pakistan working on an
AC360 special to air next month.


Just posted the transcripts from last week. Cleaning them up was not fun ... the poor captioners pretty much just threw in the towel at certain points and had to let whole sentences fall by the wayside or they never would have kept up!

Also, wanted to mention that Andrew Sullivan posted a link to the not-so-great debate:

Ware vs Thiessen
The war correspondent versus the torture-enthusiast. It was bound to be amusing, but not this amusing. Michael Ware's contempt for the corny CNN set-up is almost as satisfying as his explanation of reality to the little Bushie.

Cairo speech fallout

I've just uploaded the clips from Friday, day two of discussion about the Cairo speech. The "great debate" last night had my blood boiling. Major kudos to Michael for standing up for the military in a realistic way rather than the easy lip-service that his opponent kept going for.

Also, as an FYI, I have been posting temporary links to clips on the blog prior to the final archive versions becoming available. These are just the large versions (so not for the faint-of-internet-connection-speed!) but I can create them shortly after the transfer/edit process is done, while the full conversion may take hours, especially when I am doing several clips at once. So if you're impatiently waiting for something to post, check the blog; you may get lucky!