July 2009

More news on the LA event

The talk in Los Angeles put on by Advance and CrocMedia will be taking place next Thursday, July 30th. If you're in the area, definitely make plans to be there -- he is a fascinating speaker and this sounds like a terrific range of topics he will be covering.

No word yet as to whether there will be a video/audio recording of the event, but I am definitely crossing my fingers!

From Brisbane to Baghdad

Advance and Crocmedia invites members to hear CNN’s international news correspondent and Australian journalist Michael Ware talk about his incredible journey from Brisbane to Baghdad.
Michael Ware is the only westerner to have survived an al-Qaeda kidnap. From the heart of Hollywood in Crocmedia’s office, comes one reporter's notebook of one of the biggest stories in recent years.
Listen to Ware's harrowing tales of reporting from the front line of the Iraq War.
Special Guest
Michael Ware, has lived the ‘War on Terror’ since 9/11, first in Afghanistan, then spending six years in Iraq as a front line journalist. Ware has covered virtually every major battle over the last two wars; from Shahi Kot to US invasion of Iraq, Fallujah, Samarra, Tal Afar, Basrah...to countless firefights, explosions and operations. Ware is considered the most authoritative voice on Iraq by the Pentagon and the U.S. Department of State.
Join us for a candid night of discussion and stories, including:

*Being kidnapped by Al Qaeda and surviving
*Dodging death every day
*Living in Baghdad near-continuously since before the American invasion
*Being embedded with American and British forces
*His views on American media
*The changing landscape of international media

*Going from Brisbane lawyer and Courier-Mail journalist to America’s authoritative journalist on Iraq

Michael to speak in LA

NOTE: The event has been pulled from the host site
as they have not yet confirmed all the details.
I'll re-post the link when it goes back online.

Michael is going to give a talk in Los Angeles on Thursday, July 30th, and it sounds like it will be an amazing event. Check out the info, and if you are anywhere nearby, by all means go if you can. He is an amazing speaker...

From Brisbane to Baghdad

(Thanks to Sharon for the tip!)

When good tech goes bad

Tom Foreman tries to connect with Michael for an update on the church bombings:


The end of the beginning

Have finally caught up on all the clips from the Tuesday marathon marking the end of the US-led war in Iraq. Now to catch up on the Wednesday clips! (Only a couple of those, so it should be soon.)