New old transcripts

Still nothing new from Michael since last week's report from Juarez, Mexico. Yesterday CNN covered the State Department warnings against traveling to the border towns, but it was all reported from DC, nothing on the ground.

Meanwhile, ABC Australia has recently added several transcripts to their online library, and I have pulled six from 2002-2004 and added them to the site:

  • 4/10/2002 FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT Afghanistan - America's Blind Eye
  • 7/31/2002 WORLD IN FOCUS Interview with Michael Ware
  • 3/24/2003 PM Ceremony held in northern Iraq for Paul Moran
  • 7/26/2004 ENOUGH ROPE
  • 9/14/2004 7:30 Hostage claim could be genuine, journalist says
  • 9/23/2004 LATELINE 'No hope' for British hostage