A look back at 2009

I put together a slide show of the screengrabs from 2009 for a bit of a look back at the year.

2009 was a year of changes for Michael. He moved his residence from Baghdad to Brooklyn, and moved his CNN affiliation from International to Domestic. He returned to Afghanistan for the first time since heading to Iraq for the 2003 invasion, and added coverage of the drug war in Mexico to his CV. For the first time in almost a decade he spent more time out of a warzone than in one, as he wrestled with the personal toll his profession has taken... and with trying to crystallize what he witnessed during six years of living in Baghdad into book form.

I have no doubt that in 2010 we will see him doing more stellar reporting and analysis of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the much different war in Mexico. And whatever new ventures he may take on, we look forward to watching him.

Length: 9:26

LARGE (200.9 MB) ----- MEDIUM (83.7 MB)

(Because a "small" version is nearly unwatchable, I did a "medium" one instead
although the size may still be prohibitive. But this is just for fun, nothing new to watch.)