November 2007

New look

As you can see, I've made a few changes to the site. Some are just cosmetic, others are in hopes of making site navigation easier. There are still a few additions to be made, but I wanted to unveil this today since it is the two-year anniversary of the first time I heard Michael on TV.

To say that this site had very humble beginnings is an understatement -- at first I was just sharing his clips with friends, because his reports were so unlike what we were hearing from the rest of the media. Within a couple months I put up a very small site to hold all of the ones I had been able to copy, and then he started making more and more appearances on CNN, and my collection got bigger. Eventually I had to move to a larger host company, and then he signed with CNN, and there are some days when I can barely keep up with him!

Along the way I bought a TiVo, several software upgrades, a second TiVo, even more webspace... I've heard from people all around the world who consider his reports a vital resource in understanding what happened (and is still happening) in Iraq and thanking me for making his work readily available. More importantly, the rest of the media, and the world, has caught up with him and now understands what he was saying two long years ago.

One thing that hasn't changed: the honesty and courage that was so absolutely stunning to me that first night remains so today. We are extremely fortunate that a man like Michael Ware cares so very much about learning the truth and passing it on to us.

Monocle: My last meal

Many thanks to Maxie (a Monocle subscriber) for sending along the full interview...


A new photo from Paris; another TWAW appearance

Another magazine interview done in Paris is coming out next week, and here is the photo that will run in it: Michael at the "Asian" Thai restaurant, looks to have been taken October 13th:

Also, this week's blurb for This Week at War:

The Battle for Iraq: Violence is down but can the downward trend be sustained?
Michael Gordon, The New York Times; Author, "Cobra II" (DC)
Michael Ware, CNN International Correspondent (Baghdad)

New interview

A terrific interview with Michael was posted today on the website of Asharq Alawsat newspaper.
The interview was conducted while he was in Paris last month.

Q & A with CNN's Michael Ware

By Enaam Kajjah Ji in Paris

Q: How did the idea of going to Iraq emerge?

A: I went to Kurdistan at the beginning of 2003 before the military attack [on Iraq]. I got to Baghdad after the fall of Tikrit in April 2003. I’ve been there for four and a half years.


MEI transcripts

I have now added transcripts for the audio clips from the MEI conference. They are in the Audio section, and the four transcripts are available either on the main page or when you click through to each audio clip.

(I did these myself, so the good stuff all belongs to Michael, any errors are mine, etc. I used to do this for a living, so hopefully there aren't too many errors...)