December 2007

2007 in review

2007 was a year of incredible reporting from Michael, his first full year with CNN. There are 225 posts in the 'Iraq 2007' section, another 52 from the RWC in October. I compiled 313 total video clips this year.

Here is a list of some highlights... and it's a long list!


Holiday time

With Michael out of Iraq for his holiday break, it will be quiet for the next couple of weeks. I have some old material (radio interviews, mostly) that I will try to convert and post while he's away. As it happens, I am off work for a couple weeks following a minor but painful injury, so depending on how well the pain meds work, hope to get some additional work done on the site.

In the meantime, wherever you are and however you celebrate, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a joyous 2008. (And if anybody has the opportunity, please buy Michael a drink for me!) Cheers!

Once more with the Monocle photo

Sharon finally tracked down a print copy of the magazine, and the online photo was cropped. So here is the full version. (The washed-out color is due to the article being printed on recycled paper. Good for the environment, not so great for photographs.)