April Fool?

I have no idea whether what Drudge posted was just a bad joke or what (check the calendar!) but as it happens, I recorded nearly the whole press conference.
CNN went live to it just as Senator McCain started speaking, and when they cut away, Pipeline carried the feed until he left. There is a gap before I started recording the Pipeline feed, but I think it's fairly obvious nothing "exciting" happened.
I wouldn't normally post this (especially the Pipeline one) but I think it's important for people to see the actual footage. It was a pretty dull press conference, actually. The tough questions were not asked by Michael... in fact, he didn't say a word.
From the camera angle at the rear of the room on the Pipeline feed, Michael is in the white shirt with his back to us at the lower right of the picture. Later, while a woman reporter is shown asking a question, Michael is visible behind her, with producer Tommy Evans on his right.

CNN TV and PIPELINE coverage