New addition

Yesterday I received a terrific suggestion for the site, one I am sorry I didn't think of myself -- since not everyone has a fast internet connection, I am going to start offering a smaller version of the video clips. So for anything posted as of today the photos will no longer link directly to the video clips. Instead, there will be options on the main page (where the transcripts are) for either a Large or Small version of the clip. The Large will be the one I am currently posting (iPod standard). The Small one will be about one-tenth of the file size, with a very small screen, but should allow for a much faster download and provide easier access to anyone with a slow connection.

I will go back and re-convert older clips as I have time -- my poor little PowerBook will be working overtime for quite a while to tackle this project, but I think it will be a worthwhile addition to the site. (Thanks again, Sean!)