March 2011

Photos from AIIA

AIIA has posted photos from Michael’s talk on March 8th:


The Next Project

Michael has gone public with information about the new project that he is working on:

correspondent Michael Ware with a guard
on the Iraqi front lines between Shorish and Kirkuk.

Frontline witness to brutality

4 Mar 11 @ 04:30am by Candice Holznagel

NEVER-BEFORE seen footage from the hands of al-Qaeda insurgents will bring the brutal truth of war to the big screen in a cinema film being produced by Brisbane journalist Michael Ware.

Ware, who spent his childhood days in Caloundra, is somewhat of a celebrity in the US after almost 10 years abroad bringing the reality of the Afghan and Iraq wars to the western world.

Kings Beach, where his family holidayed regularly, is a stark comparison to the life Ware went on to live.

As a Time magazine reporter and then with news organisation CNN, Ware reported from both within the US Army and as a man living among the insurgents.

His experiences, including being kidnapped and held at gunpoint, were gut-wrenching.