April 2011

Newsweek update

The print version of Michael’s Newsweek column has an old photo we’ve not seen before. (Thanks to Maxie for scanning in it for me.)


Michael writes for Newsweek: I Walk With Ghosts

Michael has written a heartbreaking column for Newsweek remembering Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros and also delving deeper into his own struggles in coping with the pain of covering wars.


Michael joins The Daily Beast

Great news! Michael is now a contributor to The Daily Beast! You can check out his page here and also subscribe to an RSS feed. (Thanks to Sharon for the tip!)

Restoring some edited Cafferty

Back in April 2007, Jack Cafferty gave one of his glowing commentaries on Michael’s work during The Situation Room. Unfortunately, he mentioned Michael’s son ... at a time when Michael was doing his level best to keep anyone from learning of young Jack’s existence, for security reasons. At the time, I edited the comments out, but I did keep the clip. I have restored it to the bottom of the page from that day’s report, so you can now view it here.

Australian Story honored

Last night in Las Vegas, the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards were presented during the NAB convention, and the Australian Story program about Michael received two awards -- a Gold World Medal in the Biography/Profile category and a Silver World Medal in the Magazine Format category. Congratulations to producers Claire Forster and Renata Gombac for capturing Michael’s gut-wrenching story in such an open and honest way -- even those of us who have followed his career closely were stunned by some of the revelations presented in the program.

If you alive in Australia, you can watch the video on the
Australian Story website. If you live outside Australia, you can watch it here: Part One | Part Two

Two new old radio interviews

Sharon dug up a couple vintage NPR interviews that Michael did -- one in December 2002 re Afghanistan and the other from November 2003 from Baghdad.

Transforming Afghanistan
Winning the War

Full clips of the UQ talk (February)

UQ posted clips of Michael’s talk and Q&A session from February.

If you’ve watched the clips I posted before, you’ve seen parts 1-3; 4 & 5 will be new.