Amnesty International conference in Brisbane [UPDATE]

Michael will take part in an Amnesty International conference this weekend in Brisbane. His workshop will be on Friday morning. Here is the information from their site (which includes the first announcement of the name of his film):

Michael Ware – Amnesty International Australia Human Rights Conference 2011
Michael War_Pic_Cropped
MICHAEL WARE Former correspondent for Time Magazine and CNN
Few people in the world understand the battlefields of the war on terror with greater intimacy than Michael Ware. As correspondent for TIME Magazine and CNN, Brisbane-born Ware spent years in Afghanistan and Iraq. His insights into the Iraqi perspective of the war, based on innumerable high-risk encounters with the insurgent foot-soldiers themselves, were closely followed by the more enlightened members of the US military officer corps. They directly influenced the shift to a population-based counter-insurgency approach from late 2006-on. Michael featured in an acclaimed episode of "Australian Story". He is currently working on a feature length documentary entitled "Walking with Ghosts".



Based on tweets from attendees, Michael has also joined the afternoon panel: