January 2013

G'Day USA Tribute Video from NYC 18Jan2013

Earlier this month, Michael was honored at the G’Day USA Black Tie Gala in NYC, and as part of the event there was a 3-minute look at his career covering conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Republic of Georgia.

The video was created by
Sequoia Productions in Los Angeles, and thanks to Chari Ludwin at Sequoia can now be seen by all of us who were unable to attend the event.

Special thanks to Sequoia’s video team of Michael Michaud and Michael Bohusz for doing such a remarkable job of honoring Michael’s work.

The G’Day USA Tribute Video

Michael at G'Day LA Black Tie Gala 12Jan2013

The American Australian Association posted this photo of Michael at the G’Day LA Black Tie Gala last Saturday night:


AAANY will be honoring Michael at the G’Day USA Black Tie Gala in NYC this Friday.