Back in Afghanistan

Tommy Evans is back in Afghanistan with Nic Robertson. Nic did a great piece for Back|Story last week and although Tommy stayed out of sight, Isha Sesay did mention that Tommy was with him.

This morning, Tommy has a short article posted on

Afghan diplomat freed after two years in captivity

(CNN) -- An Afghan ambassador-designate kidnapped by militants two years ago in northwestern Pakistan has been freed and handed back to his government, authorities said Sunday.

Abdul Khaliq Farahi had just been named Afghanistan's next ambassador to Pakistan when he was seized.

He was returned to the Afghan government in Khost on Saturday, a Khost province police chief said.

Afghan national security was transporting Farahi to Kabul on Sunday, according to Abdul Hakim Esaq Zai, the police chief.

No more information was immediately available.

Farahi was on his way home in a suburb of Peshawar when he was seized. His driver was killed in the September 2008 attack.

From CNN's Thomas Evans