NR: "What are these troops doing here, and when are they going to leave?"

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A prepared piece showing Russian troops in the port city of Poti, although says that they are not in control of the entire city.

HEIDI COLLINS: Now let's go from Georgia's capital to another strategic point, you just heard Frederik talking about it, that port city of Poti.

CNN's Michael Ware has this exclusive report.


MICHAEL WARE, CNN CORRESPONDENT (on-camera): Despite conflicting reports, Russian troops are not in control of the Georgian seaport city of Poti. However, they have sunk five Georgian Navy and Coast Guard vessels. And as we speak, just behind this wall, a small element of Russian troops and armored vehicles is in control of this part of the harbor, loading Zodiac inflatable boats onto trucks. Locals say the troops arrived early in the conflict, their presence quickly followed by bombing, which led to a number of civilian and Georgian military deaths and casualties.

Life appears to be returning to normal here in Poti. However, residents say the Russians are conducting occasional patrols in their armored vehicles. Nonetheless, the question remains what are these troops doing here and when are they going to leave?

Michael Ware, CNN, Poti.