YWT: More on the intelligence battle

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HALA GORANI: All right. Well, Michael Ware joins us now live from Baghdad to follow up on his report.

I suppose the question is, Michael, what are the long-term effects if Americans end up completely losing control of this intelligence apparatus in Iraq? What are the long-term effects for the U.S.?

MICHAEL WARE: Well, this is strictly through the prism, Hala, of American interests. And in terms of everything that America has invested in this country, in terms of treasure and the blood of its service personnel, a lot is at stake.

And in this story, what we're seeing is the lid being peeled off a secret world we rarely get to see. We see organizations the CIA created during the administration of U.S. pro-consul Paul Bremer and forced upon the Iraqis. We then see them with the help of Iran develop a rival intelligence agency. This is for the future of Iraq's intelligence community.

GORANI: All right. Michael Ware, live in Baghdad.

Thank you, Michael -- Jim.