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MICHAEL WARE, CNN SPORTS CORRESPONDENT: I'm Michael Ware in Paris. In just a moment, a thrilling victory in the semifinals of the Rugby World Cup here in France.

TONY HARRIS: We're talking about rugby. Okay.


HARRIS: Well, Americans like, if not love, a good dose of college football on a Saturday afternoon. But across the pond, it is a whole different game with a few similarities. The Rugby World Cup under way in the City of Lights. Rugby?

CNN's Michael Ware live in Paris with a little play by play.

Michael, you know we don't play rugby in the United States. So, my friend, this had better be pretty good.

WARE: Oh, mate, this is sensational. And I'll tell you, it's surprising. There's a fair bit of rugby played in America. Indeed, the American Eagles did play the house down in a couple of matches here in the World Cup.

But the story of the night here is that a fire has been lit in international rugby. We had world heavyweights, England, take on the Rugby World Cup host nation, France, here in Paris. And in an enormous event, a great game, England won. France led until the last six minutes. But kicking two goals, England put their nose in front and now the defending champions go on to next week's final to try and retain their title.

And on Sunday, we see Argentina take on another rugby heavyweight, the Springboks from South Africa, in the final to see who earns the right to battle England to be crowned world champions.

This has been such a game. This tournament has been the most electric in its 20-year history. And I can tell you, outside of America -- even in America -- the rugby world is alive and kicking tonight. What a sensational game in a great tournament.

HARRIS: All right, Michael, I'll take your word for it. Next time, I want some highlights.

Michael Ware for us in Paris. I appreciate it, Michael. Thank you.