LDT: No civil war...? Seriously, people.

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KITTY PILGRIM: At least 70 people were killed in attacks across Iraq today. Sixty of them killed in separate truck and car bomb explosions. Now, the latest wave of violence comes as the new leader of the U.S. Central Command says there are signs of hope outside of Baghdad, and there is no civil war in Iraq.

Michael Ware joins us now from Baghdad with more -- Michael.


We've heard from the new commander of Central Command telling us that, indeed, there is no civil war here in Iraq. Of course, that would be a revelation to many of the Iraqi citizens who live here and have been enduring this terrible bloodletting that's been under way for years now, and that we saw reach fever pitch after the bombing last February of the Golden Dome Mosque, one of the holiest shrines in Shia Islam.

Bodies are still showing up tortured and executed on the streets of the capital every morning, and whilst there is an American crackdown here in Baghdad, we've seen the violence and the death squads and the militias responsible for it all displacing around the capital. So, we're seeing just to the north of the city, in Diyala, violence spiking so much the commander of  forces in Iraq, General David Petraeus, had to rush a battalion of Stryker troops there.

And, of course, al Qaeda suicide bombers are still punching through all the defenses, both against U.S. troops. And, as we saw in the city of Tal Afar, near the Syrian border, they killed more than 50 people today alone -- Kitty.

PILGRIM: Thanks very much.

Michael Ware. Michael Ware reporting from Baghdad.