LDT: "I'm sure there's much more to emerge from this incident."

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LOU DOBBS: And Michael Ware reports from Baghdad tonight on a new illustration of the insurgents' bold tactics in Iraq, an effort to assassinate an Iraqi deputy prime minister.

We turn first to Andrea Koppel -- Andrea.

Insurgents today made a bold attempt to assassinate an Iraqi deputy prime minister. A suicide bomber detonated his explosives inside the official's compound in Baghdad. Moments later, a second bomb exploded outside. The Iraqi government said the deputy prime minister was slightly wounded.

Michael Ware has our report from Baghdad -- Michael.


MICHAEL WARE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Lou, in the midst of an intensifying al Qaeda bombing campaign, we've now seen one of Iraq's two deputy prime ministers survive an assassination attempt by a suicide bomber who penetrated his heavily-protected compound today in Baghdad. The bomber, wearing a chest vest packed, as we so often see, with thousands of ball bearings, actually got inside not only the perimeter of the deputy prime minister's compound, but inside the building itself.

Nine people are known to have died, and at least 15 have been wounded in the attack on deputy prime minister Salam al-Zubaie's compound.

Whilst the investigations into this incident are continuing, and we know that the deputy prime minister was wounded and is currently being treated in an American military hospital, what is most likely to emerge is that this will fit into a broader pattern of conflict as al Qaeda is striking out at Sunnis cooperating with American forces and the Iraqi government. I'm sure there's much more to emerge from this incident -- Lou.


DOBBS: Michael. Michael Ware reporting from Baghdad.