LDT: Continuing violence

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LOU DOBBS: Insurgents in Iraq today killed more than 40 people; 22 of them in suicide bomb attacks. Iraqi police also found more victims of sectarian killings. Michael Ware reports tonight from Baghdad. Michael?

MICHAEL WARE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Lou, the violence continued in Iraq, in what's considered a comparatively quiet day; a reflection of the true levels of violence in this country.

Fourteen tortured and executed bodies were found this morning across the capital, bringing the total since Tuesday to 198 victims of what is believed to be the sectarian violence plaguing Iraq. This is up from last week's total of 150.

Elsewhere, in the northern town of Tal Afar, on the Syrian border -- a town held up by President Bush as a mark of American success -- a suicide bomber struck a marketplace killing as many as 20 people according to local police, though the death toll has yet to be finalized.

Elsewhere, in Ramadi -- in the country's west, the al-Qaeda front line in Iraq -- a double suicide bombing attacked a key police station. This police station is manned by members of tribes which have committed themselves to the U.S. campaign in that country.

We've had reports in the last 24 hours of more than a dozen sub-tribes from Ramadi swearing to oppose the al-Qaeda dominance of their city. The level of violence is continuing in the lead-up to what is expected to be the fourth Ramadan or holy month offensive here in Iraq, as the security crackdown begins to tighten on the capital and across the country -- Lou.

DOBBS: Michael Ware reporting from Baghdad.