Looking for justice for Paul Moran

An article by Mark Corcoran on the ABC News (Aus) website, Calls For Justice for Cameraman Slain in Iraq details the search for justice for the man responsible for the death of Australian journalist Paul Moran in the early days of the Iraq war.

As you may remember, Michael was there when the bomb went off, and is mentioned in the article:

I've learned to dread late night phone calls - and this one was the worst. It was March 2003, during the opening phase of the Iraq war. Just after midnight I took the call from an anguished Michael Ware - an Australian journalist and close colleague of mine, then working for Time Magazine.

Coming down the satellite phone line was a mix of static, screaming and sirens. Amid the cacophony, Michael managed to spell out that he was at a roadblock in Kurdish northern Iraq that had just been hit by a suicide bomber in a taxi. He was on the scene giving assistance to ABC journalist Eric Campbell, dazed and bloodied after being hit by shrapnel, but alive. However there was the body of another westerner among the victims - possibly an Australian - who was he?

The tragic details soon became clear. He was 39-year-old Paul Moran, a freelance cameraman originally from Adelaide. He had teamed up with Eric Campbell on the Iraq assignment for ABC News. Paul left behind a young widow Ivana and a seven-week-old daughter Tara.

It's a chilling article, and knowing that the man responsible is flaunting his freedom is incredibly infuriating.